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  table spawnmenu.GetToolMenu( string name, string label = "name", string icon = "icon16/wrench.png" )


Adds a new tool tab (or returns an existing one by name) to the right side of the spawnmenu via the SANDBOX:AddToolMenuTabs hook.


1 string name
The internal name of the tab. This is used for sorting.
2 string label = "name"
The 'nice' name of the tab
3 string icon = "icon16/wrench.png"
The filepath to the icon of the tab. Should be a .png


1 table
A table of tables representing categories and items in the left part of the tab. See example below to example structure.


Prints out the contents of the default Tool Tab.

1: 1: CPanelFunction = function: 0x48a60408 Command = gmod_tool axis Controls = axis ItemName = axis Text = 2: CPanelFunction = function: 0x48a6b218 Command = gmod_tool ballsocket Controls = ballsocket ItemName = ballsocket Text = 3: CPanelFunction = function: 0x48a8be48 Command = gmod_tool elastic Controls = elastic ItemName = elastic Text = 4: CPanelFunction = function: 0x48ab5998 Command = gmod_tool hydraulic Controls = hydraulic ItemName = hydraulic Text = ... ItemName = Constraints Text = 2: 1: CPanelFunction = function: 0x3a4235c8 Command = gmod_tool balloon Controls = balloon ItemName = balloon Text = ... ItemName = Construction Text = ...

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