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  table ents.FindInCone( Vector origin, Vector normal, number range, number angle_cos )


Finds and returns all entities within the specified cone. Only entities whose Entity:WorldSpaceCenter is within the cone are considered to be in it.

The "cone" is actually a conical "slice" of an axis-aligned box (see: ents.FindInBox). The image to the right shows approximately how this function would look in 2D. Due to this, the entity may be farther than the specified range!

Clientside entities will not be returned by this function.


1 Vector origin
The tip of the cone.
2 Vector normal
Direction of the cone.
3 number range
The range of the cone/box around the origin.
The function internally adds 1 to this argument before using it.
4 number angle_cos
The cosine of the angle between the center of the cone to its edges, which is half the overall angle of the cone.

1 makes a 0° cone, 0.707 makes approximately 90°, 0 makes 180°, and so on.


1 table
A table of all found Entitys.


An example usage of this function. This example shows which entities are being returned by the function with red lines and the range with white transparent box.

local mat = Material( "models/shiny" ) mat:SetFloat( "$alpha", 0.5 ) hook.Add( "PostDrawOpaqueRenderables", "conetest", function() local size = 200 local dir = LocalPlayer():GetAimVector() local angle = math.cos( math.rad( 15 ) ) -- 15 degrees local startPos = LocalPlayer():EyePos() local entities = ents.FindInCone( startPos, dir, size, angle ) -- draw the outer box local mins = Vector( -size, -size, -size ) local maxs = Vector( size, size, size ) render.SetMaterial( mat ) render.DrawWireframeBox( startPos, Angle( 0, 0, 0 ), mins, maxs, color_white, true ) render.DrawBox( startPos, Angle( 0, 0, 0 ), -mins, -maxs, color_white ) -- draw the lines for id, ent in ipairs( entities ) do render.DrawLine( ent:WorldSpaceCenter() - dir * ( ent:WorldSpaceCenter()-startPos ):Length(), ent:WorldSpaceCenter(), Color( 255, 0, 0 ) ) end end )

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