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  duplicator.RegisterEntityClass( string name, function function, ... )


This allows you to specify a specific function to be run when your SENT is pasted with the duplicator, instead of relying on the generic automatic functions.

Automatically calls duplicator.Allow for the entity class.


1 string name
The ClassName of the entity you wish to register a factory for
2 function function
The factory function you want to have called.
Function argument(s):
1 Player ply - The player that is spawning the entity.
2 vararg ... - Whatever arguments you request to be passed.
Function return value(s):
1 Entity ent - It also should return the entity created, otherwise duplicator.Paste result will not include it!
3 vararg args
Strings of the names of arguments you want passed to function the from the EntityCopyData structure. As a special case, "Data" will pass the whole structure.


Prints the datatable and then lets the duplicator do it's job

duplicator.RegisterEntityClass("prop_physics", function(ply, data) PrintTable(data) return duplicator.GenericDuplicatorFunction(ply, data) end, "Data")
Skin = 0 Mins = -14.357550 -14.390250 -25.934851 Flex: ColGroup = 0 Pos = -292.415070 -157.575043 -12262.056641 PhysicsObjects: 0: Frozen = false Pos = 13.750092 0.490356 -4.675781 Angle = 0.057 87.808 -0.031 Class = prop_physics FlexScale = 1 Maxs = 14.438149 14.405550 25.995348 Model = models/props_borealis/bluebarrel001.mdl Angle = 0.057 134.318 -0.031

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