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Table used by PhysObj:ComputeShadowControl. Default values are given if the table element is omitted.


number secondstoarrive
How long it takes to move to pos and rotate accordingly - only if it could move as fast as it want - damping and max speed/angular will make this invalid (Cannot be 0! Will give errors if you do)

Default: TICK_INTERVAL * 2

number delta
The time it should use - just use the one from ENTITY:PhysicsSimulate.

Default: 0.1

Vector pos
Where you want to move to.

Default: vector_origin

Angle angle
Angle you want to move to.

Default: angle_zero

number maxangular
What should be the maximal angular force applied.

Default: 1

number maxangulardamp
At which force/speed should it start damping the rotation.

Default: 1

number maxspeed
Maximum linear force applied

Default: 1

number maxspeeddamp
Maximum linear force/speed before damping.

Default: 1

number dampfactor
The percentage it should damp the linear/angular force if it reaches it's max amount

Default: 1

number teleportdistance
If it's further away than this it'll teleport (Set to 0 to not teleport)

Default: 0

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