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Data structure used by the duplicator to store and load entity data.

It is created by duplicator.CopyEntTable and can be loaded by duplicator.CreateEntityFromTable.

It also shows up in several other contexts:

In addition to all fields listed here, any field saved on the entity will be saved as-is to this table. For example, if you set ent.FavoriteFood = "Steak" before duplicating it, this structure will also contain the field FavoriteFood with the value "Steak".


string Name
The entity's name, see Entity:GetName.
string Class
The entity's class name, see Entity:GetClass.
Vector Pos
The entity's position, relative to the duplication origin point.
Angle Angle
The entity's angle, relative to the duplication angle.
table DT
The entity's Network Vars, see ENTITY:SetupDataTables and Networking Entities.
string Model
The entity's model, see Entity:GetModel.
number ModelScale
The entity's model scale, see Entity:GetModelScale. This will only be present if the model scale isn't 1.
number Skin
The entity's active skin, see Entity:GetSkin.
number ColGroup
The entity's collision group, see Entity:GetCollisionGroup. Uses the COLLISION_GROUP enum.
Vector Mins
The entity's collision bound minimums, see Entity:GetCollisionBounds.
Vector Maxs
The entity's collision bound maximums, see Entity:GetCollisionBounds.
table PhysicsObjects
Data about the entity's PhysObjs, see Entity:GetPhysicsObjectNum. The key is the physics object index (starts from 0), and the value is a PhysicsObjectSave structure. Unlike other tables in this structure, if there are no physics objects for this entity this will be an empty table.
number FlexScale
The entity's Flex Scale, see Entity:GetFlexScale.
table Flex
Each flex bone's flex weight, see Entity:GetFlexWeight. The key is the flex's index and the value is the weight. Only flexes with a non-default (nonzero) weight are listed, and if none exist, this field will be nil.
table BodyG
The entity's body groups, see Entity:GetBodygroup. The key is the bodygroup ID and the value is the assigned bodygroup number. Only body groups with a non-default (> 0) value are listed, and if none exist, this field will be nil.
table BoneManip
Bone manipulation data, see Entity:HasBoneManipulations. The key is the bone index and the value is a BoneManipulationData structure. Only bones that have been manipulated with non-default values are listed, and if none exist, this field will be nil.
number MapCreationID
The entity's MapCreationID, only exists for entities that were created by the map. See Entity:MapCreationID.
number WorkshopID
Deprecated, always 0. See Entity:GetWorkshopID.

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