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  NPC NPC:GetEnemy()


Returns the entity that this NPC is trying to fight.

This returns nil if the NPC has no enemy. You should use IsValid (which accounts for nil and NULL) on the return to verify validity of the enemy.

Issue Tracker: 3132


Enemy NPC.


Kill any npc that sets the first player as its enemy.

local function Think() for i, ent in ipairs( ents.GetAll() ) do if ent:IsNPC() and ent:GetEnemy() == Entity( 1 ) then ent:TakeDamage( 999 ) end end end hook.Add( "Think", "Kill My Enemies", Think )
Output: Any npc that sets their enemy to Entity( 1 ) dies.


Make every NPC that does not have an enemy (and preferably a D_HT relationship agains Players) start attacking a random Player. This code is copied from the gamemode My Base Defence:

-- ... local function _SetRandomPlayerTargetForNPC(npc) if (npc:IsNPC()) then if (!IsValid(npc:GetEnemy())) then local _allPlayers = player.GetAll() local _winnerPlNr = math.random(1, #_allPlayers) timer.Simple(0.15, function() local __Player = _allPlayers[_winnerPlNr] -- --- Set the enemy for the NPC, so it does not just stand there doing nothing -- lika young lazy teen or something if (!npc:IsValid() or !__Player:IsValid()) then return end npc:SetEnemy(__Player) npc:UpdateEnemyMemory(__Player, __Player:GetPos()) npc:SetSchedule(SCHED_SHOOT_ENEMY_COVER) end) end end end -- - - --- -- -- -- Make every NPC that might not have a target, recive one random Player..:>> -- ( can place this loop inside an interval timer or something...) for i, ent in ipairs( ents.GetAll('npc_*') ) do if ent:IsValid() then _SetRandomPlayerTargetForNPC( ent ) end end
Output: All NPCs on the SERVER will get their memory updated if they don't already have an enemy, and start moving to the last know position of the enemy and try to attack. This enemy will be a random Player. They will also try and shoot enemy cover.

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