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  Entity:UseTriggerBounds( boolean enable, number boundSize = 0 )


Enables or disables trigger bounds.

This will give the entity a "trigger box" that extends around its bounding box by boundSize units in X/Y and (boundSize / 2) in +Z (-Z remains the same). The trigger box is world aligned and will work regardless of the object's solidity and collision group.

Valve use trigger boxes for all pickup items. Their bloat size is 24, a surprisingly large figure.

The trigger boxes can be made visible as a light blue box by using the ent_bbox console command while looking at the entity. Alternatively a classname or entity index can be used as the first argument.

This requires developer to be set to 1.


1 boolean enable
Enable or disable the bounds.
2 number boundSize = 0
The distance/size of the trigger bounds.

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