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  Entity:SetNW2Float( string key, number value )


Sets a networked float (number) value on the entity.

The value can then be accessed with Entity:GetNW2Float both from client and server.

Unlike Entity:SetNW2Int, floats don't have to be whole numbers.

You should not use the NW2 System on entities that are based on a Lua Entity or else NW2Vars could get mixed up, updated multiple times or not be set.

Issue Tracker: 5455
The value will only be updated clientside if the entity is or enters the clients PVS. use Entity:SetNWFloat instead
Running this function clientside will only set it for the client it is called on.
The value will only be networked if it isn't the same as the current value and unlike SetNW* the value will only be networked once and not every 10 seconds.


1 string key
The key to associate the value with
2 number value
The value to set

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