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  DModelPanel:SetFOV( number fov )


Sets the panel camera's FOV (field of view).


1 number fov
The field of view value.


The best FOV demo you've ever seen.

BGPanel = vgui.Create("DPanel") BGPanel:SetPos(20, 20) BGPanel:SetSize(200, 200) local mdl = vgui.Create("DModelPanel", BGPanel) mdl:Dock(FILL) mdl:SetModel("models/player/barney.mdl") local fov = 10 -- starting value local offset = 0.1 -- amount to increment by function mdl:LayoutEntity(ent) mdl:SetFOV(fov) -- update FOV fov = fov + offset -- increment if(fov >= 120 or fov <= 10) then offset = offset*-1 -- inverse increment amount end ent:SetSequence(ent:LookupSequence("taunt_muscle")) -- FLEX if(ent:GetCycle() >= 0.95) then ent:SetCycle(0.05) end -- YOUR mdl:RunAnimation() -- MUSCLES end

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